Graphic Design technical knowledge

Graphic Design technical knowledge

for Graphic Design technical knowledge use Corel Draw software is the most popular software for Brand Identity, Advertising/Marketing Materials, Social Media/Web Graphics, Technical drawings, Banner Design, Business Card, Character Design, Infographics, Presentations, Packaging and Layouts, Fabrication/Workshop, Output like export into jpg and other extenssionalso, Illustration and Art, Menus, Page Layout, on cloth design T-Shirt. many more…

CorelDRAW does more than just make logos, template, portfolio, cataloge, story book, design on cloth, design on glass, wooden, metal. letterhead, business card, Ecard, Web Banner, News Letter, Twitter Header, Facebook Cover, Web Graphics with icon, Labal, Flyer, Pster, Brochure, Gift Certificates, schemetic diagram is easy created in corel draw, front page, back page, charactor design, calender, infographics, wedding beautiful design with images, Restaurant menu, Car Wrap design, all types of stickers, Door, Window stickers, name plate of doctor, principal, proffessor, teacher etc, tatoo, year book, comic page, lending page, magazine page. so many art work.

Set Page size, printing pre view, layout. when open Corel Draw Create a New Document dialog box open and init set Name, page size standard and as per required in mm, inch, pixal, feet, yard, mile, kilometer, select numbor of page if need 10pages select in it 10, if need primary color CMYK, RGB as per need select, than rendering dpi 300 select than ok press, but if you want to any time when corel draw open this dialog box will be appear otherwise tick on do not show this dialog box.

corel file menu 1
File Menu
corel edit
Edit Menu
corel view menu
View Menu
corel layout menu
Layout toolbar
corel Object menu 1
Object Toolbat
corel Effects menu
Effects Toolbar
corel Bitmaps menu
Bitmaps Menu
corel Text menu
Text Toolbar
corel Table menu
Table toolbar
corel Tools menu
Tools Menu
corel Windows menu
Window toolbar
corel Help menu
Help toolbar

Note: In all Toolbar some toolbar its detail are hidden not active means when Select object related toolbar active otherwise it will be hide means it not work as you selected object

If Getting all Toolbat go to Window -> Toolbars -> un check lock toolbar.

Corl all Toolbar
CorelDraw all Toolbar List